Is it judgement or preference? – Being gay with a disability

“Turn your wounds into wisdom” Oprah Winfrey Getting myself out of bed some mornings can be a real challenge. Not only can it take an extraordinarily long time but I’m very often left utterly exhausted before the day has even begun and my feet touch the floor. Chronic pain is an unforgiving bastard and makes […]

Statement: Spanish Violence in Catalonia

The violent scenes from across Catalonia this morning show that Madrid is more concerned with putting down the vote and the aspirations of the Catalan people than maintaining the veneer of Spanish democracy. We hear continually from Madrid about their efforts in safeguarding democracy yet we see peaceful voters shot in the head and body […]

What is happening in Catalonia is a travesty for democracy

Democrats across the globe are rightly baulking at Madrid’s continual escalation of tensions over an impending vote on Catalan Independence on 1st October. This week has seen an unacceptable move towards suppression of democracy fuelled by the desire of Madrid to suppress the ability for Catalans to register their support (or otherwise) for Catalonian independence […]

Morag Fulton – My Inspirational Person of the Month

Morag Fulton is an inspirational, dedicated and truly outstanding disability and equality advocate and SNP council candidate for Stirling West. The great people of Stirling West need have no reservations; Morag’s immense dedication to social justice is matched only by her integrity and desire to empower and stand up for each and every person within […]

Theresa May And The Tories Are Playing A Dangerous Game In Scotland

The major problem with the Scottish Tories is that they are very clearly misreading the political situation in Scotland.  The Holyrood elections did not see Scotland uncharacteristicly run to embrace Conservatism but rather traditional Scottish Labour voters sought a refuge as their party was in the midst of dying a death.  Scottish Labour voters saw […]

Wullie Rennie And The Policing Bill That Never Was

In late 2014 The Daily Record, the Morning Star and the Herald all reported that the Liberal Democrats owed Police Scotland £800,000 for providing policing at its 2013 conference. This unpaid bill was (and still is) regularly banded around on social media but it simply isn’t true. While Police Scotland does provide policing at large-scale public events […]