Tory Peer And Former Party Leader, Lord Howard Says May Would Go To War Over Gibraltar

Lord howard

The world is watching Theresa May and her Government stagger from one Brexit related disaster to another and yesterday was no exception. Former Thatcher and Major cabinet minister and Tory party leader Michael Howard was interviewed by Sky News and stated that Theresa May would lead Britain into war to protect the sovereignty of Gibraltar against claims by Spain. The intervention came days after draft EU negotiating plans spelled out the bloc’s position that Spain could be given a veto over post-Brexit deals applying to Gibraltar.

Rather than flatly condemning Howard’s comments, Number 10 said:

“All that Lord Howard was trying to establish, was the resolve that we have to protect the rights of Gibraltar and its sovereignty as I have set out.

“We’ve been very clear that we will support fully Gibraltar’s right to its sovereignty.”

We are only days into the triggering of Article 50 and we have growing tensions over Gibraltar’s future and an unelected Tory peer raised a hue and cry and put Spain on notice, all the while being defended by the Prime Minister.

Watch the Michael Howard and Sky News interview below


About Rob McDowall (@robmcd85)

Chair of Welfare Scotland, Member of the Equality Council, EUCCTI Rapporteur and Equality and Human Rights Advocate. Global Pride Power List of 2016 and regularly included in the RISE LGBT Advocates Powerlist. Gay, Social Democrat, occasional meat-eating supporter of Scottish Independence.

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