Scottish Tory Leader Blasts First Minister And Tells Her To ‘Sit Down’ During Hollyrood’s #ScotRef Debate

Ruth Davidson

Scottish Conservative and Unionist party leader Ruth Davidson blasted the First Minister and told her to ‘Sit Down’ during an intemperate outburst as Holyrood debated calls for a second independence referendum. The outburst came as the First Minister appeared to get to her feet to challenge claims by Ruth Davidson over a meeting with the Prime Minister yesterday.


About Rob McDowall (@robmcd85)

Chair of Welfare Scotland, Member of the Equality Council, EUCCTI Rapporteur and Equality and Human Rights Advocate. Global Pride Power List of 2016 and regularly included in the RISE LGBT Advocates Powerlist. Gay, Social Democrat, occasional meat-eating supporter of Scottish Independence.

20 Responses

  1. I can only imagine how they would froth at the mouth if an SNP MP spoke to Theresa May in this manner and quite rightly so. Stay classy Ruth or just head to Westminster now, with that sort of behaviour you’ll fit right in!

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  2. Eugene Kelly

    Important for the first minister and the Independence folk not to get drawn into Ms Davidson’s gutter politics. Perhaps a formal complaint and then leave it alone?

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  3. Mary Hepburn

    An absolute disgrace. She should be held to account for her rudeness. Maybe she feels a little threatened but that’s no excuse or reason to disrespect the First Minister. I wonder what ‘punishment’ would be invoked had she treated Theresa May with the same disdain.

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  4. Avril Clarke

    Ruth’s behaviour towards the First Minister today was shocking. It was ill mannered, disrespectful and downright rude! This was the behaviour of a spoilt child not getting her own way. I highly commend Nicola Sturgeon for her calm composure, however she needs to make an example of Ruth to all MSPs. Let them know that this kind of attitude will not be tolerated ever again. If that’s how Ruth wants to conduct herself she wouldn’t be out of place in Westminster. Here in Scotland she’s very much out of place.

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  5. A cunningham

    Shocking behaviour how disrespectful! Would you tell Teresa may to sit down!! You’d be out of a job before you could put a full stop at the end of your rant, and this should be no different in my opinion you should be sacked!!

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  6. Can you imagine the uproar if an SNP MP spoke to Theresa Mayhem like that in the House of Commons? They’d be ejected from the chamber amid howls of protest from the Government benches. The Tories are showing their true colours now because they’re panicking.

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  7. caledonia7

    This was way out of line. I can’t believe she was allowed to continue her rant after that remark. She should be made to publicly apologize. This is not acceptable behaviour from any MPšŸ˜ 


  8. John Gillen

    What was their slogan at the last Indy Ref………..BETTER TOGETHER
    Maybe we should adopt a corruption……………… BETTER WITHOUT
    Especially after the disgraceful and disgusting conduct of the……
    She has now shown to all and sundry that she is no more than a horrid little SCUMBAG
    who is seriously lacking in any form of decorum or manners.


  9. Isobel McCrossan

    Cannot believe someone who is supposedly educated has no grasp of good manners. I don’t know why she was allowed to continue without sanction.
    She did her party no favour but this is merely an extenion of Westminster’s attitude to Scottish people.


  10. D. Cranston

    Shocking behaviour from Ruth Davidson dont think she would allow Nicola to speak to her like that and from someone who has said she would like to be f/m shoeing her toties outlook on Scotlsnd would get on much better in Westminster



    Ruth Davidson believes her own hype. She is revered by the Westminster Tories. Career politician looking to eventually be safely ensconced in Westminster. Odious, disrespectful and now showing her true colours. That frown is permanently etch on her forehead. So angry and full of a false sense of
    self importance.


  12. Give it a rest Ruth and get on with telling us the truth about how corrupt you all are. Disgraceful how you #Ruthdavidson would sell out your own people just to keep your position, thats exactly what happened 300 years ago.. shame on you


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